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Q - Is there a train to Marcialla?  
A - Yes, the nearest train station is in Certaldo (10 km) then you can take a taxi to the hotel.  

Q - Is there a bus from Firenze or Siena to Marcialla?  
A - Yes, the buses stop at Tavarnelle (4 km) then you can take a taxi to the hotel.

Q - How much does a taxi from Firenze cost?  
A - A taxi fair is from Euro 80.  

Q - Can I book a car to pick me up in Firenze?  
A - Yes, you can book a car with us and pay directly to the driver, (the fair is from Euro 80).  

Q - Can I pay when I leave?  
A - Yes, you can settle your bill on departure.  

Q - Do you charge my credit card when I book?  
A - We will charge your card only if you do not show up.

Q - Can you fit a third bed in the room?  
A - Sorry, we can not fit a third bed in the room, ask us for the family room.

Q - Are animals admitted?  
A - Ask for the best room for animals.

Q - Is parking available off the road?  
A - Yes, some parking space is available.  

Q - Are there other places to eat in Marcialla?  
A - Yes, there is a restaurant and a pub-pizzeria in town.

Q - Are there shops in Marcialla?  
A - Yes, there are little shops in the town (grocery, antique, post office, baker, linen).  

Q - Can I connect my computer for internet?  
A - Yes, You have free highspeed LAN or WIFI in the lobby area.

Q - Is there a car hire nearby?  
A - The nearest car hire is Poggibonsi.  

Q - Which directions do the terraces face?  
A - The terraces face mostly east.  

Q - Are all your rooms air-conditioned?  
A - Yes, all our rooms are air-conditioned.  

Q - Are your deluxe rooms on the ground floor?  
A - Our deluxe rooms are on the ground and first floor.  

Q - Do you have rooms with twin beds?  
A - Yes you must request for twin bedrooms and double bedrooms.

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